Freitag, 22. Oktober 2010

free sampler!!!

free sampler from sharkmen records!!!

download and more infos here:

enjoy, bms

final news part1!!! ( english version )

Hey guys,

what shall we say!? “First of all, everything changes and not always in the ways you expect!”. A hell of a Start for good news, uh? But that’s what it is: The wounderfull thing called “life”. Sometimes it drops you, catches you, overwhelms you and from time to time it takes you into new places and you can´t do a shit about it. You guys went with us through all these changes in life over the past few years. Things that we sang, laughed and sweat about, so nobody can say that this is totally unexpected…

After finishing the Rats EP, we had some good plans! …shooting another video, new Songs for a full length, more shows, just the things you do when you´re playing in a band. But suddenly, sooner then you expected, life overtakes you and forces you to make decisions you´ve seen only in the far future ´til that point!

Because BMS wanted to reach the goals with the actual line-up, the drop-out of a band member causes the chariot a lot more to roll then we ever thought. So the “final burial” is set a little earlier than planned. Goals have just been re-arranged to an earlier date!

We are happily looking forward to see all of you! Chances to party with us and see us sufferings are running out, so we count on each and every one of you!!!

FR 22.10. Weimar @ Drums „Hell is Here Festival“
SA 23.10. Lichtenstein @ Riot + Awaken Demons, more
FR 19.11. TBC
SA 20.11. Düren @ Komm + By Fear, Lavatch

Besides these two weekends, and a few another surprises we will play one or two additional shows, (including one very final Show). Expect more to come in the next few weeks. In this early stage it’s just ideas buzzing around.

If there is somebody around who wants to celebrate the ultimate funeral feast with us, just contact us at or , still everything possible!

We save the special thanks for “who” and “what” for later. The “last shovel-stitch” is in sight, but we are not dead yet! Retrospectively we have to admit that really a lot has happened which we did not expected to happen!!!


Christian, Ben, Normen, Harald & Marco


Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010

best of 2005-2006!!!


please visit, there you'll find the most hot and crazy moments from 2005 & 2006 ...more will follow in the next weeks!!!

cheers b.m.s.